Are you interested in slimming down? Do you know that most people who lose weight gradually and steadily are more successful at keeping that weight off? The safest and recommended amount to lose is 1-2 pounds of fat per week or up to 1% of your total weight.

Eating healthy and exercising also can help you be more successful in keeping the weight off over the long term. Losing weight is not easy and takes commitment. Even a modest weight loss is likely to produce health benefits to you, decreasing your risk factors for chronic diseases related to obesity.

You have probably seen people who have lost enormous amounts of weight after only one week of extreme dieting. However, a majority of the pounds lost with these methods is most likely composed of water and lean tissue, which people can more easily gain back. Losing 1-2 pounds each week is about 50-100 pounds lost in a year. No one gains 50-100 pounds in a few days, so why should anyone expect to lose that much in the same amount of time? Quick fixes are the worst kind of diet and are very unhealthy!

Next year we will be introducing a new weight loss formula from Novole Nature. The best way to lose weight in the long run is slowly and patiently, and this high protein and nutrients weight loss formula will do just that. In this formula, there are 2 parts to losing weight: Detox and Curbing your appetite. More updates on the product coming soon!

Click here to see an infographic about 15 common mistakes when trying to lose weight, from Positive Health Wellness.







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