Your health is important to us, so our first priority is safety and quality. This is why all our products are assembled and manufactured from start to finish in the United States, utilizing strict FDA regulations & Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) approved facilities. All raw materials are initially screened to assure the identity, quality, purity, and potency of each ingredient before they are used.

In order for any supplement manufacturer to make the formula and ship it, both the formula and process must conform to all certification that they hold or they will risk violation to FDA laws.

All herbal formulas are classified by FDA as supplement or food supplement and since FDA only regulates drugs, any herbal formula can be sold over the counter unless the FDA gets the complaint from the Big Pharmaceutical or there is evidence that the supplements cause harm to consumer then the FDA will step in.

All our products are manufactured according to FDA regulation. Many people know about supplement manufactured in a FDA approved facility but do not know the full implication of it. When a natural formula is approved and manufactured in a FDA approved facility, it means that it has been reviewed and signed off by a chemist trained and certified by FDA who works for the company in that FDA considers the formula is safe for consumers and does not foresee any adverse effects when using it. The FDA certified chemist will not sign off any formula that FDA deems dangerous or not safe or with known adverse effects. So if the label can bear the logo manufactured in a FDA approved facility then people should know that the formula is safe to consume providing that they follow the instruction on the label.

All herbal products must practice GMP, but they are not required to be manufactured in a FDA approved facility. We went beyond to provide you the best by making sure that all our herbal products sold are manufactured in a FDA approved facility.

We feel that our customers deserve nothing but the best. We want you to rest assure that the best ingredients and proper care are taken into consideration in preparing our products as  your health is of the utmost importance.

What does it mean to be manufactured in a GMP and FDA approved facility?

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